From ‘Caught Between Fire and Storm’!

I saw
A girl by the window
Watching her silhouette
In the events of past

Her husband
Her children
Were characters
Of her recent past
From which
She struggled herself out
Finally free

Just to be
Amid the war machines
That waited the command
Of the one
She was commanding
Heart of whom
She had
When she knew not
What love actually is
And if she was capable
And courageous enough
To follow

A touch of rough hands
On her nape
Brought her back
To her present
And she knew
She did just right
To start it
All over again
A quest of finding
Truth and love
Roaming like
Best friends forever!


Infection of Promise!

A busy hour
With loads of work

A power nap
With so much promise

A quick dream
With sweetness of brevity

And suddenly…
In broad daylight
You are caught
Infecting others
With the same promise!

Inflated Ego!

Sat by the window
She pondered on
And on

Where was she lacking?

Was it her devotion
To the family?

Was it her dedication
For the causes, she believed in?

Was it her knowledge of relationships
That were always challenging her?

Was it her monetary contribution to the family
Needs of which seem never-ending?

Was it her time
That never seem to be enough?

Then as if Deja vu
She realized…

It wasn’t her
But inflated ego of those
Who are supposed to be “family”!

A Dispassionate Touch

Toiling day and night
Flowing not-stop
Trying to make
One end to end meet
Taking all the goodness
Of life along with her flow
Servicing the community
Missing the initiation
With every intention
To meet my destiny
Which was nothing sweet
As told in stories
A touch that was
So salty
That I would never be able
To shake off the shock
Of travelling so long
Of a distance
To get
Nothing but
A dispassionate touch!

The Lure…Reversed!

The flowers on the shoulders
The night in her eyes
The pearls in her hair
The restlessness of the sky

She walked to the riverbed
Sat playing with the water beads
Touching the length of her belly
She saw peace silently tread

Her toe could nip thorns
Finger shatter the mountain
Under the misty mysterious moonlight
Though, her breath acted as drain

The poison made her delirious once more
As she wondered lazily, silenced by it
One wicked Adam here
Was the Apple and the Snake who tricked!

For Far Too Long…

On her path
She walked alone
Feeling even lonelier
With every single step
In search of
Someone she thought cared
And would not let her alone
Because she already had been
For far too long…

She is still alone
Very much on the same path
Walking one single step
With more illusion than hope
Of reaching the one
She thought cared
Though no one knew
Or even believed- if he cared
It was going on as it is
For far too long…