About Me and My Blog

Who of ‘I’ and Why of ‘Being Here’

I am

Looking towards the Infinity
Standing on the Dot.

A Period is poised for a beginning.
I am looking for that.

A wildflower doesn’t need admirer
But soothes senses of its viewers.


My words
Would try to resonate.

Like something in
Suffocating void.

To be heard
And reach ectasy of relief.

May my relief
Become yours own here
After suffering in the
Infinity, life tries to show!


15 thoughts on “About Me and My Blog

  1. Good to meet you, Swatinakshatra1. I love your header. Did you paint it? The colours are glorious – give me a sense of walking that road!

    May your poetry lead you to abundantly positive connections and new creativity.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank You SoulDipper for your well-wishing. I am really sorry that the painting is not mine but of Leonid Afremov (http://afremov.com/). I wish to paint like that someday.
      I used it as my image because I felt that road to be “my Corner” where I meet good people like you!
      Thanks for the love and motivation you spread by your words, and please keep doing so!

      Liked by 1 person

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