For Far Too Long…

On her path
She walked alone
Feeling even lonelier
With every single step
In search of
Someone she thought cared
And would not let her alone
Because she already had been
For far too long…

She is still alone
Very much on the same path
Walking one single step
With more illusion than hope
Of reaching the one
She thought cared
Though no one knew
Or even believed- if he cared
It was going on as it is
For far too long…


3 thoughts on “For Far Too Long…

  1. I am a person used to Loneliness. But that is not saying I like it! I long for, and look forward to the Village Children who come around in the evenings.

    As for Other, Significant people in our lives, I have found that they DO come. Only LIFE knows when. But when they come, We have to establish our friendships and relationships.

    In this, I have also found that Shyness and Delay are as Bad as Fear!

    Finally, I always keep the relationships within the limits that I want!

    Love and Regards to You, Swati! 🙂

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