Used and thrown Away

An empty bottle
With no trace of its content
Teased the thirst
To be more fearsome!

A crumpled cup
That lost its identity
To a hand that knew violence
In its primal form!

A window of escape
Kept coming back to the memory
That showed summer of colours
And reminded cosiness of winters, and more!

The useless cigarette butt
Not-so-useless few moments before
Now knew not
How to be touched by lips again!

So much is there in life
To be loved and then forgotten!


2 thoughts on “Used and thrown Away

  1. Ah yes, we are firmly in the era of ‘use and throw’. Unfortunately, we have extended it to human relations as well.
    Didn’t get the point about crumpled cup and violence, though. Did you have anything specific in mind?

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    • Yes…remember the times when we drink coffee / tea in disposable small cups and before throwing them away crush them…without a second thought; the inherent violence in human nature thus gets a moment of display.

      You could go to the hyperlinked poem by the same name…and you would understand what I meant. 🙂


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