Mention of importance

I read her colors and fragrances I steal away
I steal away a piece of her dreams I dilly dally on the
I dilly dally on the path of love laid down by her
I tiptoed on the feathers of her wings I shuffle through his
I shuffle through his verses and flight-masters

I feel blessed
And acknowledged
When the colors, paths and wings
Seem to make references
To and of me.

These are my feelings
And their expressions
Which is why I follow them
And see no fallacy in that!


5 thoughts on “Mention of importance

      • Thank You, Swati, for the response! …Actually, am not able to work on my novel at all, because am having very frequent computer shut downs. So am working only on the internet. Here, my practice is to write on twitter on current affairs, share it on Facebook, and if very important, do it on WordPress also.

        Then, when I get the time I go to my ‘Reader,’ read the various posts and respond there. As I follow quite a few, and many of them post multiple times, it takes a long time before I reach the point where I had left off.

        Internet speed, and computer and virus problems make the opening of the pages themselves very slow. This in spite of my using 3G on Airtel, and paid Norton Antivirus, 360!

        You are Dear to me, and I like Your blog! 🙂

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