30. The Model

I picked up
Bits and pieces
Of confidences
That seemed
To be lost
In the lanes
Of ‘modeling’ past

But I survived
I will survive
Just as the dingy
Surfing next
To the huge ship
Cheers for a life
That continues
To fill me
With the joy
It is associated with!

A poem for Bree Paige- A fellow (beautiful) blogger!

Bree Paige


noun: model; plural noun: models

3. A person, typically a woman, employed to display clothes by wearing them.
“a fashion model”
synonyms: fashion model, supermodel, mannequin
“a runway model”
  • a person employed to pose for an artist, photographer, or sculptor.


    Has always been so important to me.
    I miss it.

    The bonds between two people who can make art is never ending.

    Being in front of the camera is such a rush.  A beautiful reminder of the talent that I possess.  A refreshing taste of how much chemistry I can make with just a touch of effort.  Artistic nudes MOVE ME.  I despise when someone can not recognize the difference between Art and Porn.  Clearly its a matter of opinion.  Porn could be considered art as well.  But there is something to a beautifully captured nude image of a woman just being a woman.  Just…

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