My Window of Escape!

The window

Of my office

Is the window

For my escape;

To the fantasy world

Where wings rule

And the freedom prevails.

From the monotonies

Of the bonded labor

And disgruntled sighs.

To the faith

That lives in the sky

And touches every life.

From the circle

Of tired early mornings

And even tired late nights.

To the glory of Nature

Which glows in twilight

And settles deep in intellect.

From the rigorous rut

Of materialism

And the way it ties the soul.

The window

Of my office

Is the window

For my escape!


4 thoughts on “My Window of Escape!

    • I think no body really can over look an open window. It’s just a matter of preference. Who likes to have a leap of faith and who wants to out perform in materialistic world. Do tell me about your window of escape! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

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      • So rightly put…nobody can overlook an open window. Freedom of thought and free space in the basket of nature is what drives us into inspiring imagination. When we are stuck in the office or confined in the home, the window to the outside world is the harbinger of positive change and refreshing joy…the escape is from the confinement of space to the enlightenment of nature…it is always a pleasure to exchange our thoughts!!!

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