He Watching Her Makes All The Difference!

She was huddled into a corner
She was running away
Only to meet him
And trying to run away again
The whole world transformed
Into the corner of love-hate!

She escaped once
But not any more.
Chances are not
Chances any more.
The more they meet
The more she felt
Drawing away
Yet drawn towards him.
Sometimes the forced attempts
Qualify for love and rape simultaneously.
Contradictory emotions overwhelmed
The attempts of indifference!

As if the love existed
In a more twisted way
Than it is credited for.
You hate it
But you want it
While still trying
to stay away from it.
But who hates it and who wants it
Can change places
In a cruel turn of events!

And Would you believe
If I told you
That it all started with
Just an innocent
But misinterpreted look!


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