The Ruckus!

A pregnant (dirty) lady

And her three (dirty) kids

In ascending order

Of their height (and their age)


The Delhi Metro Women’s-only coach-


Voicing their weird thoughts

Of teasing the ‘polished class’

And other such notions.


Playing and smelling

The way the so-called-civilized people

Would never do.


Rolling on the floor of the train

And sort-of pole-dancing

When everyone eyed them with abhorrence.


The Ruckus was

Tearing the set-social

And very-middle-class norms

Challenging the civilized

And others who did not understood them

Interfering with the comfort-zone

Everyone is habitual of.


Some cringed at the smell and the noise,

Some bore in silence,

Some tried to be indifferent,

And some openly expressed their anger


But ‘The Ruckus’ stayed there

Irrespective of what others thought.


It left

Only after leaving

Lingering questions

Waiting to be solved!


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