A classic Hindi song condenses my feeling- “Duniya me itna gham hai, mera gham kitna kam hai!” (There is so much pain around me that my pain seems so less!)


RIP Marcus Wade RIP Marcus Wade

Twindaddy asked me to write yesterday with No Words as the email’s subject line. NO WORDS perfectly described how I felt over the last couple of weeks.  I was stuck emotionally yesterday so I did not write.  I did not write AT ALL and that never happens.  Today we finished a poem that we both felt relevant to how we felt about the world around us a world that often leaves us with absolutely NO WORDS.

Before the poem I want to share a few posts.  None of them are easy to read and so I am adding a TRIGGER WARNING to all of them.  On top of these posts I had a friend die much too young and I wasn’t prepared for the emotions that hit me when I saw him smiling in a picture of us. I realized people survive traumas that change their smiles…

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