Time Passed and Lost…Am I Sorry?

Monsoons have come, 



My eyes peered 

Out of the window 

Trying to make out 

The colour of the sky 

Trying to distinguish

Grey hues from blue ones!


I flicked my pen 

Doodled a fish, a fence, a heart 

And my signature 

As many times as I wanted 

Tried to judge 

Which one of them looks best!


I allowed my mind to wander 

Even more aimlessly when I saw 

An ant and few dew drops 

On the leaves of Basil plant on my Window sill

And I started counting 

Each one of them!


Monsoons have come for that ant,



Thus I had procrastinated 

Without a tinge of guilt 

And celebrated 

The offerings of life 

To everyone 

And I am not sorry, at all!



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