In Search of Life by Robert Langdon in Inferno!

Death couldn’t compare

The sadness endowed by betrayal

It’s the falling of walls on me I am scared of

Not the feeling of being trapped and numerous other trials.

Everything was fake

And everyone changed face

A brilliant mind had set unimaginable events in motions

The imprint of which can’t be erased for days.

He, Bertrand Zorbist, thought mankind is going to breath its last

In the pile of its own species killed by overpopulation

He employed his brain to find a solution

Which was beyond the common comprehension.

Dante Alighieri was his inspiration

Who depicted Paradise, Purgatory and Inferno as textual image

I was picking on the clues left by the unusual mind

Misunderstanding him and thus imagining the worst visage.

It was not death I found at last,

Only the astonishing way those events (towards life) unveiled themselves

I am half surprised half marveled

On the way panic and fear can lead to the salvation of ‘self’.

Surely, I was hurt

But not enough to not understand the gravity of the current situation

I worked and helped Sienna and Elizabeth as much as I could

However, the climax was beyond imagination.

Now the world is looking at a promising future

And I am leaving Turkey with another unexpected adventure

With the image two exceptional women on my mind

I am left again with the admiration of art, history and Nature!


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