That flowed ceaselessly once

Struggle  now

To make an appearance

On the stage

Where every emotion

Is put on display

To catch eye of those

Who might have felt

The same

Just what the words depict

Who might have witnessed

The same

Just what the words sketch



In trying to make an appearance

Already made one!

Tickles sunhari yaadon ki…

Vo kachar pachar ka mazaa

In cool bright-dull twilight

Momos ki tikhi chatni ki sisi

With every spicy tongue-tingling bite

Namkeen bhuni moonfaliyaan

Sheer ‘roasted’ delight

Samosi ka garama garam hona

I conveniently forget I am on diet

Meethi khatti shikanji

Whenever ‘hot’ bites give a fright!

Aisa bahut kuchh

That I shared with you

Yaad aayega jab bhi

These memories will give a tickle


Of a well-spent time of togetherness!

Shanay Shanay

I didn’t realise
At first

That now…

I smile less often
I regret more

I touch flowers less
I mourn dried leaves more

I watch stars less
I see darkness more

I live (life) less
I assume (worse) more

I drink laughter less
I eat sustenance more

I work more
I enjoy it less

I run more
I walk less

I see wrinkles more
But the ‘joy’ behind them less

And now it’s
All staring right at my face

Everything happened
Quietly, very slowly
Too painfully slow.

Everything changed!

Haunting Bonds (Inspired by ‘Kankaal’ by Jai Shankar Prasad)

The bonds
Of lovers
Of Siblings
Of Motherhood
Of Studentship
Of Friendship

Were initiated
With apprehension
Nurtured with care
Cared for with life
Then ignored due to boredom
And Ultimately
Forgotten with desperation!

And they all
Comeback from grave
With a vengeance
To haunt
So much so that
The life
Lived and visualised
Seem a waste
A Skeleton

If not for the selfless service
Of the humanity
Of those
Who need love
More than the bonds
You had grown fond of
And then grown tired of!

From ‘Caught Between Fire and Storm’!

I saw
A girl by the window
Watching her silhouette
In the events of past

Her husband
Her children
Were characters
Of her recent past
From which
She struggled herself out
Finally free

Just to be
Amid the war machines
That waited the command
Of the one
She was commanding
Heart of whom
She had
When she knew not
What love actually is
And if she was capable
And courageous enough
To follow

A touch of rough hands
On her nape
Brought her back
To her present
And she knew
She did just right
To start it
All over again
A quest of finding
Truth and love
Roaming like
Best friends forever!

Inflated Ego!

Sat by the window
She pondered on
And on

Where was she lacking?

Was it her devotion
To the family?

Was it her dedication
For the causes, she believed in?

Was it her knowledge of relationships
That were always challenging her?

Was it her monetary contribution to the family
Needs of which seem never-ending?

Was it her time
That never seem to be enough?

Then as if Deja vu
She realized…

It wasn’t her
But inflated ego of those
Who are supposed to be “family”!